Parking Tickets

Fines Have Been Increased
The fines for expired meters and meter feeding have increased to $25. Please plan your parking in advance so you won’t get a ticket!

Pay Parking Tickets Online
Marked tickets can be paid online by credit/debit card and cleared with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) electronically within 30 minutes. (We do not recommend payment via electronic check.)

Notice of online processing fees:
Electronic Checks: $0.50
Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard or Visa): 3.20% (minimum $3.00)

To pay a ticket online, click here.

Tow and Hold tickets must be paid by cash to the Collector’s Office at Salem City Hall.

How can I appeal a parking ticket?
You may appeal your parking ticket by completing a Hearing Request Form and mailing it to:
City of Salem Collector’s Office
93 Washington Street, Room 4
Salem, MA 01970.

To download Hearing Request Form, click here.

Please call the Collector’s Office at 978-619-5621.

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