Parking Lots

Parking lots are meant for longer stays. Salem’s parking lots are conveniently located throughout downtown. The parking lots cost less than the adjacent on-street spaces.

Variable time limits & rates
Some parking lots have multi-space meters and others have conventional meters. The multi-space meters accept coins, bills, and credit cards. The conventional meters only accept coins (nickels, dimes, and quarters).

Unlimited daily stay: You can stay in the Bridge Street and Church Street West lots for as long as you need. Just be sure to pay for your full stay at the multi-space meters before you walk off the lot.

Four-hour maximum stay: All of the other parking lots are intended for four hour stays or less. The Church Street East and Salem Green lots have multi-space meters. The other lots have conventional meters. If you need to stay for more than four hours, park in the Bridge Street or Church Street West lots, or one of the garages. You can save money, not have to worry about getting a ticket, and avoid having to move your car.

There are different rates for the parking lots:

  • $4.00 per day: Bridge Street
  • $1.00 per hour: Church Street West, Church Street East, and Salem Green
  • $0.75 per hour: Sewall Street, Front Street, and Klop Alley
  • $0.50 per hour: Riley Plaza West and Riley Plaza East

Enforcement of parking lots is 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

Multi-space meters
Multi-space meters are located in the Bridge Street, Church Street West, Church Street East, and Salem Green lots. They allow for payment using coins, bills, or credit cards. These lots are “pay-by-space” lots. You need to pay attention to the number on the space you park in because you’ll enter that number at the multi-space meter.

Before walking off of the parking lot, you will need to pay at one of the multi-space meters. Follow the prompts on the meter. You can pay with coins, bills, or credit cards. You will receive a receipt, but you do not need to put it on your car. Just keep walking to your destination!

If you need to stay longer than you paid for (but less than the maximum stay), you can add time to your spot. Refer to the prompts on the multi-space meter and refer to the number on your receipt.

Monthly passes
Portions of the Riley Plaza West and Riley Plaza East lots are designated for discount monthly parking passes. These areas are included in Zone 1 which also includes portions of portions of Holyoke Square, Norman, and Dodge streets.

You must have a valid monthly pass to park in these zones. This is a great value—only $25 for the month. Passes are valid Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The pass does not guarantee a space is available in a specific location; however, there are over 150 spaces in the discount zones.

Map of parking lot locations

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