Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parking rates?
The parking rates for the City of Salem’s parking garages and lots may be found by clicking here.

Where are the parking options located?

On-street parking map

Map of parking lot locations

Map of garage locations

Where can I pay my parking ticket?
Parking tickets can be paid at the Collector’s Office by cash, check or money order. If a parking ticket is marked and preventing you from renewing your license/registration, the ticket can only be paid by cash or money order to be cleared.

Parking tickets may also be paid online to our Deputy Collector at You will need the ticket number, plate number and the year the ticket was issued.

Who should I make the check payable to?
City of Salem

What happens if I do not pay a parking ticket?
If a parking ticket remains unpaid for 21 days, a $10.00 late fee is added to the original amount of the ticket and a notice is mailed to the registered owner. If any part of the original fine remains unpaid after 21 additional days, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is notified and a $20.00 fee is added as well as a $20.00 marked fee.

Where is the Deputy Collector’s Office located?
Please visit the Deputy Collector’s Office website at for a complete list of their offices, or you may call them at 1-800-491-9788.

If I need to mail my payment, what is the address?
Kelley & Ryan PO Box 27 Hopedale, MA 01747

Why am I mailing my payment to Hopedale when the parking ticket is from Salem?
Kelley & Ryan Associates is a Deputy Collector that collects all of our parking tickets, excise tax and boat tax. They do this at no charge to the City of Salem. Their main office where payments are processed is located in Hopedale, MA.

How can I appeal a parking ticket?
You may appeal your parking ticket by completing a Hearing Request Form and mailing it to:
City of Salem Collector’s Office
93 Washington Street, Room 4
Salem, MA 01970.
To download Hearing Request Form, click here.

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