Resident Parking – October

Garages and Lots

During October, there are changes to the parking rates at City owned and operated garages. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Columbus Day, the Downtown Garage, South Harbor (Waterfront) Garagage, and Church Street West Lot charge a flat fee of $20 upon entry regardless of length of stay. Only cash is accepted.

The Church Street West Lot is free to Salem residents with valid identification. The rate is also reduced for patrons of Church Street businesses. Please see the attendant for more information.

On October 30 and 31, the Sewall Street and Crombie Street lots are free for Salem residents with valid indentification.

Resident Parking Passes

Throughout the month, Halloween Resident Parking Passes are available for residents who reside on the streets listed below. These passes are valid from October 1 through November 1 and are available at the Collector’s Office located in City Hall at 93 Washington Street.

Please note that proof of residency is required (both license and registration).

Passes are available for residents living on:

  • Andrew Street
  • Boardman Street
  • Briggs Street
  • Brooks Court
  • Cross Street from Saunders Street to Lemon Street
  • Curtis Street
  • Derby Street between Turner Street and Webb Street
  • Emerton Street
  • Essex Street from Webb Street to Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Forrester Street
  • Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Lemon Street
  • Milk Street
  • Oliver Street
  • Parker Court
  • Pickman Street
  • Pleasant Street
  • Pleasant Street Avenue
  • Spring Street
  • Washington Square
  • Webb Street
  • Webster Street
  • Winter Street